Martine Motorsports is an auto division of the Martine Inn. It includes vintage racing at all of the major tracks across the USA. It also includes rally runs for autos built prior to 1950. Finally Martine Motorsports regularly shows their special cars at Concours d’ Elegance around the country.

We own 16 MGs from 40 to over 70 + years old, 3 Jaguars and 1953 Daimler Empress Slabside, body by Hooper. Six cars are on display at the Martine Inn almost all the time along with automotive art and auto paraphernalia.

We do most of our restorations and all of our race engine building in-house. Our shop contains all the equipment to enable us to do 1st class, winning restorations and engines. We have a mill, lathe, chassis dyno, welders, metal shaping equipment, flow machine, and all the tooling and supplies necessary.

Many of the parts suppliers around the country and in England have wholesale arrangements with us. We are happy to supply parts to anyone at normal retail prices.

At this time our staff is occupied with our own projects and we are currently restoring a 1932 MGD Tourer for a client along with maintenance and setting up the race cars.*

* We transport all our vehicles ourselves in a 2 car trailer or a 1 car trailer with a shop in front. These trailers are pulled with either a 1988 Ford Crew Cab 350 Diesel Dually or a 1992 Europremier Motor Coach.

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