1932 MG D Tourer

Restored and Sold

This 1932 MG D Tourer was completed 3/5/32 in the Abington factory and sold 5/20/32 to Mrs. JV Rushton. PJ Evans Ltd was a dealer selling the car.

The original colors were Old Ivory and Light Fawn. The D is a tiny four seater with an 847 cc over head cam engine, a three speed gearbox with a remote control, 8 inch drum cable operated brakes and center lock 19” wire wheels.

It sold reasonably well with 250 made but very few have survived. Most MG’ers would not recognize one and it is totally skipped in some MG books.

It is unknown how it arrived in the USA – but was owned for many years in Southern California by Harvey Schnaer. Later, Don Martine purchased the D from Harveys son Michael.

It is complete but in need of a total restoration. This car is a little under powered with the very small engine but was very cheap for a 4 passenger tourer at only 210 British pounds.

A rather ugly beginning to a very beautiful little tourer. It was a real challange to restore this car to original. We could have purchased a lot of reproduction parts, but instead we built almost everything using the original glass and all the original metal panels.



This car was sold back to the Rushton family in August 2009. The grandson and his wife are intending to enjoy it as a family heirloom. We are restoring it to like new condition in our shop for them. We will be posting pictures of the restoration on this site for you to follow. (see restoration in progress)

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