1952 MG TD V8-60

This 1952 MG TD has been highly altered.

The 4 cylinder push rod MG engine has been replaced with a 1937 Ford V8 60 engine. The independent front rack and pinion suspension has been replaced with a solid front Ford axle with a transaxle spring and Ford steering and rakes. The axle had to have a section cut out and the remaining pieces welded back together.

The transmission has been changed to a V8-60 transmission. The torque tub had to be shortened with a piece taken out and re-welded. The rear end is from a 1941  Ford Pickup. Each side of the rear end had to have a section taken out, cut and be welded. New shorter axles and a shorter drive shaft had to be made. Frame mounts for the new front suspension had to be made and welded into the frame along with new transmission mounts, master brake cylinder mounts, and rear end mounts. The frame rails have been strengthened with plates welded along the interior.

Plates were welded behind the seats on the frame and a pipe hoop welded as a roll bar. The brakes are all 1941 Ford and the 5 lug wire 16” wheels are 1935.

The body is stock MG TD. The dash has been replaced. The car looks completely stock MG TD from the outside except for the wheels. Look closely at the hub caps and you see the V8 insignia. The engine has an Edelbrook dual carb intake manifold with 2 Stromberg 81 carbs, Edelbrock 9 1/5 to1 Aluminum Heads, dual exhausts and fits nicely into the engine bay. Some small changes were made in the firewall.

Don has been unable to find who did all this work and where and when it was raced. Lot’s of engine switches were made in MG TD’S and raced in the 50’s But this is the only TD he has ever heard of that has all Ford V8 60 running gear. A special custom radiator had to be made to fit into the MG TD grill.

If anyone has any history or knowledge of this unusual car – Please contact us: don@martineinn.com.

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