1949 MG Y
Special Race Car

Right after the end of WW II, the MG Car Company attempted to resume auto production as they were no longer required to produce tanks. They updated slightly the MGTC Roadster and then introduced the MG Y Sedan that had been designed in 1939.

This car was quite a departure for MG with independent front suspension, a fully boxed frame, rack and pinion steering. The running gear was pretty much standard with the XPAG 4 cyl, 1250 cc push rod engine. The styling was similar to a 1939 Bentley but shrank in size. It is an appealing ‘30s looking car.

A friend of mine, Fred Oliver, had this 1949 Y Sedan and wanted to sell it because he had just purchased a MG TF. I was particularly interested in this car because another friend, Darryl Moses had purchased this car in New Zealand and brought it to San Francisco in his TWA jet that he piloted.

I purchased this 1949 MG Y in 1986. It has been driven probably more than any other MG in the collection.

The engines in the Y were de-tuned TC engines. We have upgraded this engine from 50 hp to 75 hp and it has made it very comfortable to drive. It has a jackal system that attaches hydraulic jacks on the frame on the 4 corners of the car. The pump is hand operated.

You open the hood, place the handle in the pump, turn the valve to the corner you want raised and push the handle up and down.

Soon you can change the wheel or do whatever repairs you desire on that corner of the car. It also has a sliding roof. Turn the handle, slide the panel rearward and in comes the sun. The front windshield can be tilted out bringing in fresh air to help cool passengers on a hot day. Finishing on the interior is plush. It has leather individual front seats; Bench rear seat with fold down armrest. Roll down rear curtain for privacy. Burled walnut trim on windows and dash and the floor is fully carpeted.

The Y ran in the Monte Carlo Rally. This car has been all over the country -- Shown in Connecticut, run on the old through-town Watkins Glen track, driven the Wisconsin Dells, driven to Fort Wayne, and South Bend, and Indianapolis, Auburn and Elkhart, Indiana. Also, driven all over the West coast, including the Laguna Seca is a great car to take to a special high-class function. It always gets parked right in front of the facility.

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