1933 MG L2 

Project Car

In 1981, Don Martine received a call from his good friend and owner of FASPEC British cars, Stan Huntley. Stan had found a 1933 MG L2 and wanted top know if I had any interest.

The 1933 MG L2 is a highly sought MG, very rare (only 90 built). Of course I was interested and made the purchase.

The L2 is a two seat roadster with 6 cylinder overhead cam engine with 1086 cc. Dual SU carburetors, four speed gear box, mechanical drum brakes, and wire wheels. Many writers consider the L2 the most balanced and attractive of the slab tank MG’s.

This MG L2 was sold 11/28/33 by C.S. Grant Ltd Glascow to W Allen Esq. In 1933, for the Brooklands Track, the MG company provided 10 race cars to be driven by the leading drivers of that year in a ten lap sprint race. This 1933 MG L2 was one of those 10 cars.

I have no knowledge of how this car arrived in the USA. It had been in the Portland, Oregon area for a long time according to Stan.

We have been assembling parts and background to enable us to restore it to Pebble Beach Concours condition. This car was originally painted British White.


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